Structure Design




       Except pipeline design.  we provide a variety of complex engineering structural designs, such as offshore oil & gas, rail, aerospace and marine structures; especially specializing in platforms, jacket/jack-up and wind farm structures.  Our structure design mainly includes:


    A).  Jack-up and Jacket structures stability analysis

  • Eigen-value simulation assessment

  • Structure stability under full loading

  • Structure risk analysis under accident situation.

  • Foundation pile analysis

    B).  Platform, offshore wind farm, marine container

  • Structural safety analysis on client's design

  • Verifying client's design to comply with relative industrial criteria and safety requirement

  • Analysis in special environmental condition

  • Repair and reinforce local or whole structure failures

    C).  Various offshore、marine、rail and aerospace components

  • Application analysis of various composite materials

  • Application analysis of various alloy materials

  • Deformation analysis of thin-walled/membrane structures

  • Local failure analysis



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