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Established in 2005, O+ Asia Engineering is a comprehensive advanced offshore engineering consultancy integrated with subsea pipeline engineering design, offshore/onshore structure research, technology consultant and science industry.  With good qualification and higher degrees including masters and PhDs for engineering design, engineering consultant, project management and environmental protection project design, O+ Asia personnel has developed the company as a leading edge offshore engineering technology company working between the UK and the far east. It has been verified as one of the recognized new and high tech foreign enterprise by the local government.


With a number of engineering personnel with extensive experience in offshore engineering, our design team is thus confident that projects can be completed from commencement to implantation, and delivered to our Clients in the fastest time.  Each year O+ Asia Personnel will contribute to the improvement and understanding of various technologies by way of presentation of technical papers at a variety of conferences and seminars.


O+ Asia realizes that the subsea/deepwater arena requires solving new technological challenges on a regular basis. Rely on our solid offshore engineering background, innovation, immense experience, latest technology, O+ Asia is able to provide our clients with the most accurate, economic and reliable solution, reduce construction cost to meet various design requirement and complex environment conditions.


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