In China, we are one of the largest sole exporter agencies of several major Chinese lubricant brands. Many products have been exported to Russia, Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, Bangladesh etc.


        On the other hand, we are also actively applying for being a sole importer and supplier agency for various good lubricant brands from outside China, such as engine oil, gear oil, mission oil, grease, brake oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, oil treatment etc. All extreme hi-tech and potential brands are all on our searching list. We have a good relationship with local distributors which can assure us to distribute various lubricant products in the most efficient way.


        As you may know, some brands from emerging oil producing countries are not as famous as the worldwide biggest oil & lubricants manufacturers like Mobil, Esso & Shell, but on the price they are bargain and also good in quality. Following a booming economic growth and joining the World Trade Organization, China is keen to induct more lubricant products into the market and expect the price can be reduced through the competition. Also actually, a growing large number of consumers are also looking for more different brands and products for them to choose and identify the best according to different usage. Apart from auto lubricants, we can also looking for industrial oil, such as Hydraulic oil, Industrial Gear oil etc.


        As our supplier, we prefer the company whose lubricant product has high quality and competitive good price. If you are interested in selling lubricant in China, please send us your company profile and sales plan, we will give you our best offer immediately.




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