R&D Services




     As a leading advanced offshore engineering consultancy, O+ Asia offers a comprehensive high end and complex engineering solutions to the development of various leading edge technologies for our clients. We mainly cover the following R&D areas:


     1.  Deep sea pipeline design and commercial software R&D

     2.  Ship impact analysis of Jack-up and Jacket

     3.  Pile foundation analysis of offshore platform structure

     4.  Computerized collapse behavior analysis of light gauge/shell cold formed steel structures

     5.  Analyzing distorsional buckling behaviors and their interactions of steel/alloy components

     6.  Numerical methods programming for the complete solutions of highly nonlinear equation systems, and developing advanced numerical techniques to approach complete solutions.

     7.  3rd Order highly nonlinear Large deflection behavior theory application of thin walled shell and membrane structures.

     8.  Static and dynamic elastic/plastic deformation analysis of steel/alloy materials, and structural stability.




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