Alliance Proposal



Due to the work nature of offshore industry, regular use of high technologies and an unstable market, O+ Asia is pleased to unite with some enterprises to form a strategic Industrial alliance - via our collaborative program to share information and  broaden our customer base more efficiently.


We expect the benefit to our alliance partners and us will be increased collaboration of technologies, communication of market information, as well as improved stability of  workload. It will be a win-win proposition for all involved.


The Alliance works to create efficiencies in 5 areas:

     1. to share useful market information within the alliance partners

     2. to share technological resources

     3. to provide an initial technical guidance

     4. to subcontract extra workload to suitable partner

     5. to promote partner's business info by suitable means


If you are interested to our alliance program please feel free to email us your thoughts to, we will carefully consider it and give you a proper reply very soon.








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