Pipeline Design




        Our service mainly covers a comprehensive offshore pipeline Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), detail design and some Onshore pipeline design project. The follows are some of our covered range, for more details please feel free to consult with our engineering personnel. 


A). Offshore pipeline design

     1.  Pipeline materials and routing:

  • Material property Assessment

  • Wall thickness analysis: (Carrier pipe, Inner pipe, equivalent stress checks and UHB sensitivity analysis) 

  • Pipeline routing analysis

     2.  Deflection behaviour analysis:

  • Lateral Buckling analysis:

  • Upheaval analysis

  • Trawlgear interaction assessment

  • Riser reliability

     3.  Stress distribution analysis

  • Bulkhead

  • Joint section

  • Manifold

     4.  Stability assessment analysis

  • Span analysis

  • Bottom Roughness analysis

  • Expansion spanning

  • Global expansion

  • Thermal Integrity, protection coating, fatigue, impact etc.

  • Jack-up model and foundation pile and soil analysis

     5.  Deep sea pipeline design


B).  On-shore pipeline design



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